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Skaane P, Gullien R, Eben E, Jebsen I, Haakenaasen U, Ekseth U, Krager M. Implementation of Synthesized 2D Plus Tomosynthesis Images in Breast Cancer Screening: Comparison of Performance Levels with Full Field Digital Mammography Plus Tomosynthesis in a Population-based Screening Program. Presented at RSNA 2013, VSBR31-07 Breast Series: Emerging Technologies in Breast Imaging.
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To compare the diagnostic performance with 2D mammography combined with tomosynthesis after the implementation of synthesized 2D (C-View) plus tomosynthesis images in a breast cancer screening program.

Materials and Methods:

In this study, 12,271 screening examinations were prospectively interpreted independently by 8 radiologists. These exams included two modes: FFDM plus DBT and C-View with DBT. Two standard views (CC and MLO) were included in both these modes. All the images were interpreted using a 5- point rating scale for probability of cancer. All cases with a positive score (defined as 2 or higher) were discussed at an arbitration meeting before decision for final recall. Positive scores recall rates, and cancer detection rates were compared between the two modes.


Interpretation of 12,271 independently interpreted examinations under the two modes resulted in the following changes in performance measures.

  FFDM + DBT C-View + DBT
Positive Scores 5.3% 5.3%
Recall Rates 2.4% 2.2%
Cancer Detection Rates 7.8/1000 women 7.7 /1000 women
PPV 32% 35%


There was no significant difference in the positive predictive values and cancer detection rates between synthetically reconstructed 2D images (C-View) with DBT and FFDM plus DBT.